Hello Fall

Image (c) 2014, Kassie L Nelson
Image (c) 2014, Kassie L Nelson

It’s finally one of my favorite months of the year.   I love everything about October- the colors, the crisp air, pumpkins, hot apple cider, Halloween…the list goes on and on! This fall is an extra exciting time for me this year.  I hate how cliché this sounds, but, it truly is a season of changes and new ventures.

A changing child care situation combined with increased opportunities at my husband work translated into the necessity and opportunity for me to leave my job at a local museum and be home with my son.  My little boy isn’t so little anymore and will be going to all day kindergarten next year. I am grateful and excited to have extra time with him!

My cutie pie.
My cutie pie.

This also means that I now have extra time to really focus on my other love- researching and writing! Currently in my work que is an article for submission to an academic journal and a paper proposal for the 2016 Missouri Valley History Conference. Both of these relate to my ground breaking thesis that fused Emigrant-Native American relations with gender studies along the Overland Trail, but, then I took it a step further by using a quantitative analysis method.  It’s a mouthful I know.

Then, of course, there’s my gigantic research project- a biography of a steamboat captain. My friends would probably tell you that it is an obsession more than anything else and they would be right! I believe it may be the most thoroughly researched biography of a steamboat captain, perhaps even of steamboat captains in general, ever endeavored. It will encompass multiple aspects of steamboat history. I expect this project to yield numerous papers for conferences, articles, a book on its applications to genealogy, several presentations, and either one very lengthy book or a short series of books. I also expect this particular project to take several years due to the amount of records I need to examine and the funding challenges an independent historian faces. In the meanwhile, expect to see more blog posts about what it is like to be “stay at home historian.”

Now off to sneak in some research!




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