Photographs for Research

Any genealogist or historian that follows my blog understands what I mean when I say that research is expensive. A $10 record there and a $15 record there can add up quickly not to mention the occasional need for a record that costs $50, subscription fees, and dues for society memberships. Last year, I was extremely fortunate to receive a research grant for $1,000 and donations through GoFundMe for my Captain McGarry project. Those funds helped propel my research for a year, including a research trip to Helena, Montana. My research for Captain McGarry is now entering its final phases- all thanks to the Charles Redd Center and everyone who donated.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. Over the years, several people have suggested that I should trying to sell some of my pictures. While I am not sure if any of my pictures are truly that good, I have decided to give it a try! I have chosen to sell my pictures through the website Fine Art America. They handle the printing, customer service, and collection of payment so while the percentage of my take home profit is lower it comes with a lot less hassle and upfront costs. While the purchase of one of my photographs does not constitute a donation for tax purposes, the profits will go towards funding my Captain McGarry project and future research projects including my work on other steamboat captains and the Overland trail.

You can view the gallery of photographs I currently have for sale at:

Thank you to all of those who have supported my projects!