The Rogue Genealogist

The Rogue Genealogist is a group specifically designed for the outsiders, rebels, and misfits of the wider genealogy community. It was founded in recognition of the need for a welcoming and supportive place for those who often feel left out, overlooked by, or out of place in more typical genealogy societies. It is the goal of the Rogue Genealogist to provide its members with a comfortable place to find support, grow as researchers, and socialize with fellow members.

The roots of the Rogue Genealogist extend back to April of 2013 when I first began work on creating a genealogy society for the Gen X and Gen Y generations. The idea for the Rogue Genealogist is an evolution of that original vision that was shaped in part by the realization that even among a group of Gen X and Gen Y genealogists there are those, who like me, still feel like outsiders. Furthermore, I realized that to focus solely on this age group is to leave out those from other generations that feel the same way while simultaneously over-generalizing the Gen X and Gen Y generations. In 2015 I officially joined forces with Wendy Callahan and in 2016 the Rogue Genealogist was officially launched. 

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